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SEGA Mobian Madoona - Character Design by me - Outfit Design by Drawloverlala

Well Drawloverlala over on DA posted a cute little design for Madonna (Human version) that I just, I really liked it so I decided to draw it as well, but since I can’t human worth a damn, I just slapped the outfit onto my Mobian Madonna design.

Did this as part of my ‘draw one thing a day you lazy ass you’ thing I am doing. Tried a different pose (not by much obviously), look she is twirling her hair…sorta and has her head tilted down….sorta. Also practicing that ever elusive anatomy thing people are always so damn great at that I botch ALL the time.

Another mini gift thing I guess?

Drawloverlala’s Cute Madonna Design

Drawloverlala’s Deviantart

My Mobian Madonna Design

Sally Acorn - Design by s3tok41b4

Because they mentioned they draw Sally when they don’t know what to draw I drew Sally, in one of their many adorably awesome designs.
Anyway sketched it out, liked it enough, so did some lazy line art and coloring. I was mostly trying to practice anatomy and pose in this one. I don’t think I did, to bad.
Call it sort of a half assed gift?

To s3tok41b4’s Tumblr

To the original design

Ohho, I got a new follower! And they are a super awesome artist too Squee~

Also, this puts me at 142 followers, that’s actually more than I could of ever imagined really. I mean thank you all for following me but why are you? Heh I hardly post anything anymore and it’s always crap, you are all so silly. But thank you honestly, thank you knowing I have just a few followers on here is a blessing and it always kind of cheers me up. Also following all you really makes my day as well, I know no matter what is going on in my miserable life right now, I can pop on here, and chances are you are all hyped and happy about something. Drawing up the cutest things, rebloging things to make me giggle, laugh or smile. It’s a nice thing really.

I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with myself, I wont go into super detail because this isn’t my personal blog. But thank you all.

NiGHTS - NiGHTS into Dreams

So last night I decided I wanted to draw something, so I went with NiGHTS, since I have never drawn anyone or anything from that series before. I went the older design rather than the newer one. Done with ballpoint pen. I am working on coloring it with permanent markers which I only have fine point ones…which is hell because this takes up most of the page.

Quick pencil and marker Doodle - OC Fan Child

Nothing special, just pooped this out. The idea has been mildly floating about my noggin a while. This is more like a rough idea that I may refine later. Colors and way subject to change due to lack of colors with my markers. Anyway, like I said, a total fan child character of two existing cannon characters. I ships them I does. Anyway, some of the design aspects come from her Tomodochi Life counterpart. I’d say her name but that’d spoil the parents, and I rather have people guessing (not that it’s that hard to tell….I don’t think.). Thanks to my lovely net daughter for the lovely words earlier, look I did a thing.

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